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Yogaroots Therapeutics : Root to Rise

reimagine your lifestyle ~  ~ transform your life


discover the holistic path

for meaningful living

supporting your physical, mental & emotional being

Yogaroots is passionate about holistic health

If you are struggling in daily life, for whatever reason, yogaroots is here to help.

  • Stress & burnout?

  • Unable to focus or motivate?

  • Low energy?

  • Unbalanced lifestyle?

  • Trouble sleeping?

  • Chronic pain or health condition?

  • Physical injury, illness or disability?

  • Mental or emotional challenges?

Yogaroots is rooted in the holistic rehabilitation science of occupational therapy (OT). Together we will tailor a supportive therapy plan based on your needs and goals.

Yogaroots uses evidence-based physical, mental and emotional occupational therapy approaches, including yoga techniques and philosophies, as appropriate for you.

Yogaroots Therapy _ Holistic occupational therapy for the job of living _ Jasper AB_edited
Yogaroots Therapy _ Holistic occupational therapy for the job of living _ Jasper AB_edited

"Our mission is to support you on your unique health and wellness path, to take control through increased awareness and action, to thrive at living with meaning, purpose, connection and joy." 

During the therapy session, yoga techniques may include breath practices, movement & asanas, and mindfulness. Research suggests using yoga techniques in OT is effective for symptom management and increasing engagement in living life. Yoga experience is absolutely not necessary; just curiosity and a desire to change.

Is now your time, to root to rise?

Contact us today for a free confidential consult. Currently located among the inspiring beauty of Jasper National Park, Canada. Virtual therapy is available depending on your geographic location. 

*Therapy services provided as Reg. OT(AB). Services are income tax deductible and may be covered by your extended health plan.

Our Services

The first appointment will include a holistic assessment, as well as creating a treatment plan tailored to your needs and goals. You will be asked to complete an intake q...
Initial Assessment
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